Mario & Banzai GamePlay:

We all love Super Mario and his journey of saving the princess. For many years, it has been one of the most favorite games. Now, friv new games introduce you a fun-addicting game offers the main character of this legendary game all the time called Mario & Banzai. In this game, instead of taking on a thrilling adventure which the player have to collect mushrooms and defeat enemies to save the princess, you will help Super Mario jumps safely from these platforms to those platforms.

There is no enemies or dangerous things which can kill Super Mario but it’s all up to you to keep him alive or not. Your ultimate goal is to keep Super Mario staying alive as long as you can. Play the game and see how long can Super Mario can survive and how many golds can you collect. On http://friv.land/, you may have to play several times to get the feel of the game. You must adjust the power or the jump to launch Super Mario to land the next platform. If the power is too weak or too strong, your character will fall down.

To control your power, you look at the strength meter on the left side of the screen. Press and hold your left mouse to choose the right force, then release the mouse to make Super Mario jump. You have only two lives in each turn. However, the game offers some power-ups such as rocket, magnet and more. You can collect them along the way or buy them in the shop with your golds. This game is really fun and enjoyable that suits all ages. On our site, you can find many new games added regularly such as GatoSlice and Pixel Escape.

How to play: Control the strength of the jump by using your left mouse.

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