Final Christmas run GamePlay:

On Christmas, it’s best to play a game about this theme, isn’t it? Welcome you to Final Christmas Run – the latest addition to our Frivland game collection. Do you know what Santa Claus usually does in this special event? He is busy delivering gifts to good kids around the world. Christmas night is about to end but Santa still has 100 gifts left. He has to deliver 100 gifts before Christmas is gone. So, on the sleigh being pulled by reindeer, you and Santa will fly over the house and your job is to drop the presents into chimneys.

It’s fine if you miss some. You will not be subject to any penalty. Reindeer need energies to fly. They will get tired. So, you need to collect candy canes for energy and to repair the damage. The sleigh will get damaged because of bad guys. They throw snowballs at the sleigh. Try to avoid the snowballs to keep Santa and his team safe. After flying for a while, Santa will directly give kids presents instead of throwing them at the chimneys. Try your best to throw as many presents at the kids as possible.

They are waiting for you in the windows. The game ends when Santa runs out of energy. Here at friv.land/action-games, you should focus on picking up candy canes instead of dropping the presents at the chimneys. It’s insanely challenging to drop the presents. You should drop the presents before you fly above the chimneys. In short, you'll need practice to correctly drop presents down the chimney. Merry Christmas and have a great gaming experience in other fun games like Rainbow Friends Survival, Cursed Treasure 1.5.

How to play: WASD or arrow keys to fly. Space to drop the presents. Mouse to aim and throw presents.

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