Rainbow Friends Survival GamePlay:

Rainbow Friends Survival is a cool combination of the shooting gameplay and survival gameplay that is just added to friv.land/action-games. Let’s become the first player enjoying this game. Here, you have to shoot down Rainbow friends to survive. Each level requires you to kill a specific number of Rainbow friends. If you can’t clear the mission, you have to do it again. The game ends when you are killed by Rainbow monsters.

At first, you have only one weapon, and you can unlock new weapons when you level up. Right after you step on the map, you have to get ready to kill monsters right away. You don’t have to move around and look for them. They will sense you and come for you. They won’t hide from you but it’s you who may want to hide from them. Why? Because they won’t approach you one by one but all of them will come close to you and attack you at once. It’s insanely hard to handle.

Don’t waste your bullets because you will need time to reload your weapon. Monsters will take chance to surround you. Try not to be surrounded. Otherwise, you will be killed. Move back or move around all the time. You shouldn’t stand still and wait for them. This puts you at risk. Keep that in your mind and maybe you can kill them all to protect yourself. Enjoy it and have fun with Cursed Treasure 1.5 and The Driver Theft Simulator.

Instructions: WASD to move, Left mouse to shoot, Right mouse to aim, Mouse wheel to change weapons, R to reload, Space to jump, and P to pause.

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