Cursed Treasure 1.5 GamePlay:

How many tower defense games have you ever played? A new option is waiting for you now. Its name is Cursed Treasure 1.5. Your kingdom haves 3 precious gems and monsters are trying to take them from you. If three gems are taken away, your kingdom will be invaded; therefore, you have to keep them safe at all costs. So, your ultimate objective is to withstand all the enemy waves and save at least one gem to complete the mission. You do it by building towers along the road.

Towers will auto-shoot at enemies. It’s easy to build a tower. You just need to drag one tower and place it on the empty pile. You have 3 towers in total. Dens can be built on grass, Crypts can be built on snow and Temples can be built on rock. Here at friv.land/action-games, any towers can be placed on the high ground. You can build towers on the vapors to earn more mana. Casting a spell can help you a lot. You have 3 different spells including Cut trees, Throw meteors, and Boost tower fire rate. Just use them in case where the towers fail to stop enemies because you need mana to cast a spell.

And mana can only be recovered over time. As you level up, you will deal with stronger enemies. One of them is flying enemies. Flying enemies can fly over water but when they carry a gem, they can’t fly. You can upgrade your existing towers or sell them if necessary. Do you have what it takes to keep three gems safe? Try your best and good luck. Enjoy your free time in other amazing games such as The Driver Theft Simulator and City Baby Agent.

How to play: Mouse.

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