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Playing puzzle games is one of the best ways to train your brain and relieve stress after a hard-working or learning day. Let’s try something simple but fun and challenging at friv free Games today. This game is played by millions of players around the world. Let’s join the Flow Free Online community and solve all interesting puzzles now. The rule is simple.

You have to connect 2 dots of the same color in order to fill the game board with multicolored lines without making them lie on each other. It’s pretty easy to complete the small grids as you start the game with 5x5 grids. You will find yourself finish this level after a few seconds. However, as you level up, the game becomes more challenging.

You have to connect other dots with new colors in the larger grids, from 6x6 to 10x10. At that time, you should imagine the virtual path for each color line first before taking action. If you make any mistake, don’t worry, you always and ease the previous line and re-connect it on http://friv.land/. You are no under any pressures. You can play this game on your own space but within a certain number of moves in each level.

You just need to click or tap on the dot to reset and start connecting again. If you feel bored right now, this game is a perfect choice for you to kill the time. Besides, you can enjoy various options available for free on our site. Look for the game you want to play or check out Tap Skaters Online and Peppa Pig Jump Adventure.

Controls: Use your left click to connect the matching colors.

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