Peppa Pig Jump Adventure GamePlay:

A city has been built in the sky. To go there, you have to jump from these small islands to those small islands. Peppa Pig wants to visit this sky land so badly, so she decided to embark on an endless jumping adventure. This journey is very dangerous. With only one mistake, she can fall down, so to go there safely, she needs your help.

Assist her in this jumping adventure so she can go as high as possible and watch the wonderful view from sky island. Welcome Peppa Pig - a favorite animated character of millions of kids around the world in Peppa Pig Jump Adventure at friv the game. With one-touch control, you can help Peppa Pig fly up to the sky. Timing to jump is the key to get the highest score in this fun game.

Make each jump at the right time to send Peppa Pig to the higher platform safely. You don’t want her to fall down, do you? Make sure you to lead her land on the next platform. On http://friv.land/, this game is quite entertaining and challenging at the same time.

Both kids and adults can play and enjoy great gaming time. This game brings a safe and fun playing ground for kids to play even without parents. New content added to our site regularly, so you have many choices to play. Choose the games you like, bookmark and play for free in your free time. Some of the best games you should play first are Balloon Pop and Fishing Game.

How to play: Left click to make a jump.

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