Football League Sports Game GamePlay:

Welcome to the latest sports game that promises to bring you hours of joy like other games at free online friv Games. It’s called Football League Sports Game. Look at its name and you know what you’re going to do here, right? You will play football. First of all, let’s choose your favorite team and player, then pick a game mode and try hard to win the match. Your opposing team is stronger and you have to defend your goal to block the opposing team’s shot, so they can’t score.

In this game, you can play Tournament mode or Quick Match mode. In both modes, you can choose to play against the computer and control 1 or 2 players or compete against one of your friends on the same device with 1 or 2 players as well. It means that you can control 1 player or 2 players at the same time in a match.

On https://friv.land/, the team with the higher score is the winner. So to win a match, you have to defend and attack well. You have to aim and shoot at the opposing team’s goal and protect your goal from your competitor. You can use your super shot as well when the right time comes. Don't shoot the ball into your own net because you will give your opposing team a score.

There will be times when you accidentally kick the ball into your own net. Be careful to not let it happen. Have a good time and enjoy every match you take part in. Besides, make sure you check out other games such as Foot Goals and Kopanito All Stars Soccer.

How to play: Player 1 uses arrow keys to slide, Z to make a super shot, and X to shoot. Player 2 uses WASD to slide, K to make a super shot, and L to shoot