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Are you ready to play Game Of Life at Friv.land? You will create a nation and conquer the world to expand your land. In the Game Of Life, you explore new lands and build up a great empire. Don’t stop until you own the whole world in friv plus. Sow living cells and grow the life. What about playing it right now?  

Game Of Life is a simple one-player online game. You play the role of a creator seeding and forming life. The task is to place living cells on the grid so that they connect with neighbor cells and create more life throughout generations on frivplus player game. Blue area means the cells are alive while the green area refers that the cells are dead. 

Run cells you set so that they expand automatically. The game’s hint is to use “Run” button. Your area will enlarge fast. As a result, you bring life to the rest of the world as soon as possible. You may stop them whenever you want. Clean cells to remove your land and start a new game at friv info online game. You certainly feel excited when living cells develop and form more new land.   

All information is shown on the screen. Running information consists of step time and a number of generations and live cells. You can change the color of cells. If you want to see trail or grid system, press buttons on the screen of friv plus for free. There are four kinds of pattern: still life, gosper glider gun, acorn, and random. You also can use a benchmark to set cells.
Make comments on our game if you love it. Remember to share it with your friends to play together. Rate the game highly. Find more cool games such as Master Checker, HexSweep .io, HEXA and SuperHex IO at http://friv.land/. Have fun!
How to play:

Use the mouse to play.

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