Freestyle Racing GamePlay:

Freestyle Racing is an arcade - style game for boys that you can play here on friv com Games play. To move the car, press enter and hold your mouse. This game has 30 complex and difficult levels, but then when you complete each level, you will also be rewarded with coins, which you might use to upgrade your car.

You'll be going to race along the same track as two other competing products. You will earn additional prize regardless of where you successfully complete, but the prize will become much larger even if you're the leader. Because when driving around in the ring track, a number will seem to above your car, indicating someone position in the race. Receive one from the hood. The coins received can be started spending in the store by clicking mostly on supermarket's cart icon. There, you can buy a different racing car, which will most likely provide a more powerful engine. Enough that managing it in this game will be considerably simpler.

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Use the mouse and hold to move the car

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