Bike Attack GamePlay:

Bike Attack is a fun yet challenging racing game in which you will race the greatest race of your life. Here at friv Games school, your ultimate goal is to go as far as you can by riding your way through all obstacles and other racers. How you do it is just like what you do in an endless runner game. The racing track includes 3 lanes and you have to move among those lanes to avoid obstacles and other racers.

Watch out for holes on the road and your opponents who will change the lane suddenly. If you go through a hole or are hit by an opponent, you lose one heart. You have 3 hearts in total and you can’t earn more. That’s why you have to stay focused to change lanes in time before an unexpected accident occurs. This game doesn’t offer anything to pick up. There is no coin and no power-up.

It even doesn’t offer new bikes for you to unlock like in other racing games that you may have played at https://friv.land/. Your character moves forward and you just need to make sure that he won’t crash into anything on the road. Slowing down or speeding up is impossible. Besides, the game becomes more challenging as time goes by as more opponents appear and more obstacles are there to stop you. You will have to be doubly careful.

Each time you crash into something, your motorbikes get damaged. With the third accident, the game ends. Try hard to set a record and break it next playing time. Break a leg and don’t forget to check out other fun games such as Retro Drift and Cars Traffic King

How to play: Mouse.

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