FullSpeed Racing GamePlay:

There are so many racing games of all types out there but have you ever played a racing game that your car accelerates automatically? This makes your gaming experience more exciting for sure. If you have never tried before, it’s a chance for you. Here at friv best Games, welcome you to the speed world of FullSpeed Racing. Look at its name and feel the speed that you can enjoy right now.

One of the most awesome features of this game is that you can’t speed up or slow down your car. Your car will do it by itself. Your car will accelerate over time and you will stop unless you hit the barriers or any cars on the way. Yes, that is the only way to make the car stop. Make sure you are ready for awesome drifts because there are so many chances for you to drift as never before. Your main goal is to get to the farthest distance before time runs out. Time is your main opponent in this cool game.

On https://friv.land/, depend on your performance, you can earn some coins and you can use coins to unlock new cars in the store. During the race, you can use turbo to boost your speed. You can overtake cars closely to recharge turbo. Besides, try your best to reach the checkpoint to get extra time. Time flies fastly and if you don’t take advantage of the time you have, you can’t enjoy the speed fully.

It’s great to drive along the beach at full speed. Do you think so? Have a great time and have a look at other fun games such as Road Rampage: Racing & Shooting to Revenge and Super Mario Wheelie

Controls: Left/right arrow keys to move and up arrow key to use turbo.

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