Super Mario Wheelie GamePlay:

Your beloved character Super Mario is back on a new adventure. This time, the princess is safe and he doesn’t have to save her anymore. He wants to challenge himself with a new thing which is to do a wheelie. Can you help him? In Super Mario Wheelie at Friv bike games, your main objective is to reach the finish line while raising the front wheel of your motorbike off the ground and keep it in the air.

Make sure that the front wheel of the motorbike is in the air all the time until you go to the final destination. If your motorbike is flipped over or the front wheel does not touch the ground. Otherwise, you fail, and playing that level once again is a must-do. Do a wheelie is challenging but do a wheelie while passing the obstacles is much challenging.

On https://friv.land/, how can you pass an obstacle while riding your motorbike with one wheel? You have to master it and that’s the point of this game. You should have a good balance. Keep balancing while doing a wheelie is the key to success. It’s not easy at all and you may find yourself fail several times on one level. Not to mention the difficulty level increases significantly as you advance and you don’t have any help like upgrades or power-up items here. Don’t give up. The more you play, the better you do a wheelie.

This game has only 10 levels but you may have to spend a lot of time to finish them all. After you succeed in completing 10 levels, let’s deal with new challenges in MOTO MANIAC 3 and Police Chase Drifter.

Controls: Click or X to play.

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