Fun Football GamePlay:

It’s a wonderful day to play football, do you think so? However, you don’t have to go to the football field or any stadium to play soccer. You also won’t even sweat a drop because you can play football in Fun Football at Friv games. Here, you can compete against the computer or one of your friends on the same device. Click on one game mode and the football match is about to start. Yes, you don’t control a team including 11 players to compete against the opposing team in the huge stadium.

Each team has only 2 players and both of them can play as a goalkeeper and a striker. It seems that you won’t fully control both players. You can lead them to the position you want them to go to or do exactly something that you want them to do. They act like ragdolls. That’s why whether you can score or not, depends much on your luck. It sounds simple, easy, and challenging at once.

Like other football games at https://friv.land/, the team scores more is the winner. Try to block every shot from your opposing team and kick the ball straight to the opposing team’s goal. That’s all about this game. You don’t have to follow any rules like a football match in real life. Do what you have to do to score and win every match. Each football has its gameplay and special features that keep players hooked.

Some games attract players with complex gameplay and some attack players with simple gameplay. So what do you think of this one? Is it hard or easy for you? After having successful matches here, why don’t you check out other games such as Bloomji Ball and Spiderman Penalty ?

How to play: AD.