Fun Race 3D GamePlay:

Fun Race 3D welcomes you with many races filled with obstacles and great opponents. Race, have fun and try to win, do you have abilities to rule the track and beat your opponents? There are 3 players in a race including you. You have to beat other runners to enter the next race. At friv online game, the race is not like normal races. You not only compete against other runners but also conquer all obstacles along the way to win.

It’s not about speed, but also flexibility and accuracy. These obstacles operate with different mechanisms. When you face an obstacle, you should stop in front of it to figure out how it works, then you start running forward. Each race is also different. This one is different from others and you won’t enter 2 races of the same. So, you should expect that you will deal with many exciting challenges and have so much fun as you advance in the game.

How far would you go? On http://friv.land/, you also discover other choices of games as competitive, fun and entertaining as this one. Each game brings a unique experience and allows you to enjoy hours of joy. No one looks like each other. Like in this game, the key to win is patience. If you lose in the current race, don’t give up because you have another chance to win later. As mentioned above, you are welcomed with a huge collection of games and 2 of the best one for you are Jelly Shift and Polyshapes 

Instructions: Arrow keys to run and spacebar to stop.

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