T-Rex Game GamePlay:

Are you ready to run through an infinite path which is full of cacti, birds and other obstacles? If you have the outstanding reflex, try out T-Rex game from Friv land as this might be a perfect choice. T-Rex game has already been famous, but have you tried this version? Take some time off and play frive 5 for free!

Oh no! There is no internet connection! What do you usually do to have fun when there's no connection? Until your internet connection came back, one of the best choices is the T-rex game which is shown on the main page during such time. Now, in Friv game, you can also challenge your friend in this game to gain the highest score anytime you want.

We suggest that you should try out our new game: T-Rex game! This is an extremely simple and clear game, therefore, the gameplay is quite easy to understand. Your main task is to guide the T-Rex and help him jump over all obstacles and reach as far as possible. However, the creators of Friv land added some features to the gameplay to make sure that it's not too dull.

The moment you reach a certain score, such as 1000, the game screen will change to make it a little bit harder. Stay sharp and focus so as not to get confused! Players will get to experience a friendly, prehistoric setting with the cutest dinosaur. Your main character is no other than a black-and-white dinosaur with short hands and a large head. Such appearance makes him popular with the kids as well.

Will you be able to beat your own high score in this Friv land game for kids? Challenge your skills in more games like Pocket Jump and Elf Jumping at http://friv.land/.

How to play:

  • Use the spacebar to jump and the down arrow to duck.
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