Hippo Family Airport Adventure GamePlay:

Hippo Family Airport Adventure is an enjoyable game for kids and all players of all ages as well. Here at https://friv.land/, you will have a wonderful trip with the hippo family. The story begins when the hippo dad bought a lottery ticket and won the jackpot on a trip to China. This is something they didn't expect. They are ready for the road to China. Now, they are packing for the trip. They need your help.

Help them be well-prepared so that they don't have any regrets about this trip. This game has 6 stages and each stage requires you to finish a mission from scratching lottery tickets, getting in the car waiting for them to checking the luggage in the airport, and so on. For example, the hippo family has 4 members and you have to help each member pack the right items. Just drag and drop the right items to the right valise.

What more are you waiting for in this Friv land game? Of course, there are so many interesting things to discover. Do you know what the hippo family has to do before boarding the plane? They need to put their luggage on the airport baggage scanner to make sure they don't bring any prohibited items on board. You also need to help each member of the hippo family reach their seat and find their luggage when landing. Finally, they came to China and started to discover this amazing country.

This is the start of the Hippo family and stays tuned for more exciting adventures with the hippo family in new titles coming soon. While waiting, you can find the relaxing gaming experience in other games such as Squid Dentist Game and Rainbow Girls Christmas Outfits

Instructions: Mouse or touch.

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