Room Escape Adventure GamePlay:

Room Escape Adventure tells about a little girl attempting to save her life at Friv.land. She is confined in a strange room. You will show her the way out of that fearful place. She has to run and jump to look for a key opening the door. Dodge the evil ugly monster. Room Escape Adventure game is riveting in the friv.


Room Escape Adventure free game is about the fascinating journey of a little girl. She is getting lost in a big room with a monster. The monster is a scaring predator. It is wandering and looking for the girl. She loses her life if she meets it for sure. Keep away from the demon of the friv games. The girl will walk and jump to find a key which is used to open the only door. The door is locked. You need the key to unlock it. To win the game, you have to get the key and avoid the evil.


The game has many levels you will have to complete. In the level 1, the girl is standing on a bar. She moves among bars to search for the key. Jump over two bars to get the key. You can collect stars as an extra mission on the friv online games.  Avoid the monster in any way. You must push down a ball and two blocks to clear the way leading to the door.


Each level offers a separate challenge. The setting changes through stages, so you never feel fed up with this game. More difficulties turn up like cogwheels and moving bars. Help the baby girl to escapes from the horrific room. The game doesn’t apply the limited time. You can wait for the suitable moment to jump and move. It requires both intelligence and quick action to finish the levels.


Recommend this game to playmates and give it 5 stars. Make remarks on the game. Seek jumping games namely Toto Adventure and Ninja Action at https://friv.land/.


How to play:

  • Use arrows to play.
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