Huggy Wuggy Run GamePlay:

Huggy Wuggy Run is a fun and challenging endless runner game that is different from other choices have the same gameplay at friv Games play. Huggy Wuggy is challenging itself in a long run and of course, this monster needs a company. Do you want to join? Your main mission is to keep it safe from all the pipes on the way. Huggy Wuggy auto-runs forwards and all you need to do is to tap or click to make it jump over the obstacles.

It’s not hard but you have to time your action. Jumping at the right time and Huggy Wuggy will be safe. However, if the monster jumps sooner or later just only1 second, it will stumble and the running journey ends at that moment. There are 2 characters for you to choose to start the run. You can choose your favorite one each run. More pipes will appear later. It means Huggy Wuggy has to jump more and it’s a challenge for you to control the monster.

However, if you have experience in playing endless runner games at https://friv.land/, nothing can stop you from setting a record. It's like an obstacle course. Give it a try and you will find it different from other similar ones. Even though many games have the same gameplay, each still has something unique and attractive to keep you hooked; therefore, don't because it's a familiar game and you ignore it. Have you tried every single game on our site?

It seems to be impossible, right? Because there are so many choices while new additions are coming. Don’t worry. They’re always there to wait for you. Enjoy Red Ball Ho and PullyWog

Controls: Up arrow key, left-click, or Space.