Julie Beauty Salon GamePlay:

Julie Beauty Salon is another great game for girls Friv Land. Kids also love it because it’s simple but fun. Importantly, it’s about beautifying. Here, you’re the owner of a beauty salon and it seems that your only customer is Julie because the game has Julie in its name.

Today, Julie comes to your beauty salon with a wish. She wants to refresh herself with a new hairstyle, make-up look, and nail style. You have so many options for her to choose from. She wants to try all options and eventually pick out the most suitable one. It sounds simple and it seems that you have nothing to do except to pick this or pick that one. If you think that, you may have to change your mind. Make a decision is not easy. Especially, there are several choices. At https://friv.land/, you will start with makeup.

All cosmetic products are well-prepared. Choose the style and the shade of color for the eyebrows, eyes, lips, and cheeks. After that, it’s time to change Julie’s hairstyle and dye her hair as well. With your help, Julie will have a fashionable hairstyle with a trendy color. Your final mission is about manicure. Choose the nail polish that matches the current trends and decorate your nails with lovely accessories. That’s it. Do you think that Julie satisfies with what you have don’t for her?

Of course, Julie loves it and she will return to try a new style in the future. Then, you can play several times to try a different option each time. You may learn something great to apply in real life. Enjoy your time here and in other games such as  Princess Banquet Practical Joke.

How to play:

Use your mouse to refresh Julie from head to toes.

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