Kitty Kate Salon And Spa Resort GamePlay:

You have a spring in your step as enjoying Kitty Kate Salon And Spa Resort of Friv.land. Take a glance at the world of pussy cats. Numerous new discoveries have not been unveiled in fiv game yet. Kitty Kate Salon And Spa Resort game seems like a paradise for girls who love cats. Congratulations to ailurophile. Make a splash and shine.


Kitty Kate Salon And Spa Resort free game is so adorable for girls. You take the cat to 3 places including a hair salon, spa salon, and nail salon. The first destination is the hair salon. The kitten has some troubles with hair. Help her at fiv game online. Use a sprayer to kill 4 lice on her hair. They bite her and make her have an itch. She has 2 pimples on forehead. Apply cream from a tube of medicine to cure them. Wait for a while and they will disappear. 


Comb her hair with a comb. Cut some long curls of hair. Apply oil, wait for a while, pour water on her hair, apply shampoo, massage and make bubbles, wash by a shower, make it dry by towel and drier, and comb her hair on fiv game for free. Dye 3 curls of hair with blue, pink, and yellow color. Go to the nail salon. Clean the leg. Use a tiny brush to clean the nails. Apply soap and wash with water. Tap legs dry with a towel. Cut and polish nails. Varnish nails with various colors. 


Finally, do face spa. Give her face a treatment. Get rid of acne by applying an anti-acne cream. Epilate her eyebrows and wash her face in fiv game for kids. Apply cream on her facial skin and 2 slices of cucumber of her eyes. Wait for a while. Wash her face again. Cure by warm steam. Do some makeup. Choose an outfit for her. Put a knot on her hair. 


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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