Jumpy Robot GamePlay:

Jumpy Robot is a simple, fun yet challenging endless jumping about a robot that is running out of battery. This robot needs charge up right now. Can you help it collect as many batteries as possible at friv best Games? It’s not the only mission that you have to clear. You also have to keep the robot staying alive as long as you can. To achieve those goals, the robot has to jump up from this platform to that platform without falling. You don’t have to collect every single battery while jumping.

However, one thing you have to keep in your mind is that those platforms are breakable. Once the robot lands on a platform, that platform will disappear. It means the robot has to jump to another platform each time. It can’t land twice on one platform. Otherwise, it falls and you have to start over. Here at https://friv.land/, the higher you reach, the more challenging the jumping journey becomes.

You and your robot need to be ready for all upcoming obstacles and challenges. It may not simply jump and collect batteries anymore. There is something more than that. No one can tell you what you and the robot have to deal with. You guys have to try and discover by yourself. The number of batteries that you collect is your score. Furthermore, the game doesn’t feature any booters or power-ups to help you as many games out there. You can only rely on yourself.

Be careful in every jump you make. Only one mistake can ruin your whole journey. Good luck! While waiting for new additions to arrive every day, let’s check out the following options first: Poppy Playtime Coloring Book and MyMelody ABC Tracing.

How to play: Mouse.

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