Robot Fighter Epic Battles GamePlay:

Robot war, do you like it? Jump into Robot Fighter Epic Battles and lead your robot team to the final victory with your wit and wisdom. Here at Friv games online, this is one of the best robot war games that you have to try at least once. The battle between two powerful armies of the robot won’t end until a winner is found. Is that you or your enemy? Choose a red robot team or blue robot team and start the battle. A small group of robots is under your control.

Each of them has special skills and weapons. You active their skills by spinning the wheel. Each symbol in the wheel will bring something special to your units like attack ability, defense ability, and more. So it’s not only about your strategies but also your luck to win the battle. You and your enemy have a limited HP. The team that runs out of HP first is the loser and the winner can move to the next level.

On https://friv.land/, if you lose, you have to play that level once or twice again until you win to unlock the next level. It’s a turn-based battle. After you finish your turn, the enemy will spin the wheel and attack you or defend themselves depend on what they get after spinning. You don’t have full control of the wheel to get what you want from it but you can choose from 3 abilities including attack, defense, and special tricks. You will level up after each battle. If you are the winner, you receive more advantages.

So, it’s all about this game. Wish you luck and you should always know that you can enjoy tons of other games for free such as Rocket Punch 2 Online and Bomb Prank.

Instructions: Use your mouse to spin the wheel.