Key & Sheild GamePlay:

Key & Shield is a fresh and exciting adventure game that you can play here on Friv online. The bad guys in this game managed to capture all gelatinous creatures and deposited them in seperate rooms. A mysterious person suddenly magically provided you with the key to having a good freedom! But you should also save everyone else! Use your handy dandy shield to avoid enemy forces and unlock your colleague's cages. Collect coins along the way to save your pet bat, Baba!

Play as Buddy, a courage yellow blob who has been unshackled from a chamber by a knight in shining armor. You've also been provided with a key and a shield, designed to allow you to travel throughout the land, fight your enemies, and liberated your friends from their prison cells. You must run, jump, but rather fly through difficult levels while having beaten all of your enemies. This adventure story is a design work of art and one of the most innovative on the market, trying to keep you entertained for business days. Have a fantastic time!

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Click right, left, down, above.

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