Jeep Parking 3D GamePlay:

Jeep Parking 3D brings you a great combination of driving and parking game in which your mission is to drive and park your car in the right place in 15 different levels. Here at friv 5, the name of the game tells everything. You play from level 1 to level 15 in order. This means you have to complete the mission in the first level to unlock the next one. You start with a white jeep. Then after unlocking a certain level, cooler cars will be unlocked. They have no difference in the stats. They are different in color and model. So when you unlock all of them, you can choose whatever you want. This game is challenging and tricky.

You have to drive slowly and stably to go through all parking speed bumps without touch any obstacle sign on both sides of the road. If you touch them, the mission is failed. Pay attention and control your speed is the key to conquer this game. You are no under the pressure of time or any factors. So, drive carefully and slowly to conquer each single level on…… Make sure you always get ready for the upcoming challenges since the difficulty levels slightly increase as you level up. You will be pushed into more trickier parking situations in which you have to take full advantage of what you have to deal with them.

Driving and parking simulator games always bring something great in experience and if you want to enjoy more, you can play Impossible Truck Driving and Endless Truck  to get different gameplay.

How to play: Use WASD or arrow keys to drive, Spacebar to use the handbrake. 

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