Pixelkenstein 80s Time GamePlay:

Do you miss the games with a theme of the old times? At Friv adventure games, Pixelkestein 80 Time will bring you back to the 80s and enjoy challenging platform gameplay. Pulling the oil lever at each level is what you do in this game. However, to win every single level, you have to go through a series of obstacles that require you to take action carefully and skillfully to succeed.

You have 60 seconds in each level to go from the starting point to the finishing point. You have to run forward to the oil level successfully to unlock the next stage. If you die on the way or time runs out, time will reset and you will go back to the starting point and start once again. Each level is short and it looks easy and simple. If this is what you think when you enter the first level, sorry but you are wrong.

On https://friv.land/, you don't have to climb up or defeat any enemies but you easily lose your life if you are not careful in every step you make. You can keep going if you fall into a shallow hole but your life ends when you fall into a deep hole. Then, you have to jump over it. It’s simply simple but as you play, you can find something really interesting hidden deep inside every moment you spend on this game. The pixel graphic, the music, and the gameplay, all create a worth-playing game.

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WASD or Arrow keys and Shift to play.

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