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Knife Hit Online is an addicting and amusing game at Friv.land. It is a fun reaction game in which you have to shoot knives to hit a spinning target. This game creates eye-opening experiences for players. In wonder of players, Knife Hit Online game definitely refreshes your mind in fri v. Pull your finger out!

The Knife Hit Online is a funny one-player action game in which you throw blades into a stationary target. You have to be careful so that your knife does not touch existing knives in the target. The target will turn round and round on fri v games. It is really challenging and fascinating.  

There are red apples on the target. You should throw knives at them to get scores. The number and position of apples are different at every level. You must shoot a certain amount of blades in each level. You have to use them all at fri v player games. For instance, you have to launch 7 knives at level 1 while you need to throw 10 knives at level 2.
There is a bunch of levels for you to complete the game. You just play, win and move on. It sounds easy, but completing all stages is quite difficult. The difficulty goes up along with the number of stages you reach. The target rotates faster and faster to make you confused in fri v online games. The speed of rotation changes through levels. There are more blades in the target to hamper you.  If your knives hit another one, you will lose your turn, then the game is over. You are able to restart the game.

Watch out! Shoot exactly! You need to consider when you should fire the knives. A small mistake can be the cause of your failure on fri v for school. You had better calculate timing and position to throw knives. Spare space so that the rest of knives can be plunged into the target. Keep plugging!   

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  • Use the mouse to play.
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