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The World's #1 Arrow Master game is now on mobile in Friv.land! Arrow Master is a fun reaction game in which you have to shoot arrows to hit a spinning target.

What makes the game really challenging, is that you lose if you hit another arrow.

Try to be patient and wait for the right moment to shoot and leave some space for the next arrows. The levels get harder each time, increasing the speed of the target or the amount of arrows you have to shoot, so give your best to see how many levels you can complete.

The Arrow Master is a funny one-player action game in which you shoot arrows into a stationary target. You have to be careful so that your arrows do not touch existing arrows in the target. The target will turn round and round on fri com player game. It is challenging and fascinating.  

There are plenty of levels for you to complete the game. You just play, win and move on. The difficulty goes up along with the number of levels you reach. The target rotates faster and faster to challenge you in online fri com. There are more arrows in the target to hamper you.  If your arrow hits another one, you will lose your turn, then the game is over. You are able to restart the game. In each level, we give you a certain number of arrows. You have to use them all.

Watch out! Be brave and smart! Shoot exactly! You need to consider when you should fire the arrows. A small mistake can be the cause of your failure at fri com free games.   

All your comments, sharing and rating encourage us to develop and improve our games. We will really appreciate your support if you introduce our great games to your friends. Join us and have fun!

Enjoy Arrow Master at http://friv.land/for kids. Also, you should play the Spear Stickman, the hottest bow games at friv today!


Use the mouse to play this game

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