Longest Neck Stack Run 3D GamePlay:

Here at friv for school, you can find a lot of new additions, and Longest Neck Stack Run 3D is one of them. If you’re finding some games to add to your favorite list to play, give this option a try. It’s quite weird but fun. On the runway, you run towards the rings that have the same color as you.

Try to collect as many of them as possible. These rings will make your neck grow longer and it’s your ultimate objective. The longer your neck, the bigger prize you get. Keep in mind that you only can pick up the rings that have the same color as you. If you collect rings of other colors, some rings you have will be taken away. Stack rings in your neck and you will have the longest neck ever.

It’s quite impressive when your neck grows longer while your body is still the same unlike other games at https://friv.land/ in which you grow up or your body becomes bigger when you collect items. Here, you can change your color as well by going through the portal. Besides rings, you also want to collect gems. Gems are used to going shopping. You may find something interesting and worth purchasing in the store. So, it’s all about collecting rings, avoiding hitting any obstacles, and running toward the finish line.

At the finish line, you will receive a prize according to your neck length. Keep stacking the colorful rings and enjoy the prize you get at the end. Don’t hesitate anymore. Start the game now and don’t forget to check out other great options such as Doraemon and Mr Bean Rotate.

Controls: Left/right arrow keys.

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