Mad Day Special GamePlay:

Mad Day Special is an enjoyable running, driving, and shooting game in which you help Bob to rescue his pet. Aliens have come to the Earth for a long time and they are kidnapping pets from humans. Today is an unlucky day for Bob. His octopus is kidnapped. Your ultimate goal here is to help Bob rescue his pet. Bob will get in the car and start chasing them. Do you want to join him? Get ready to drive, run and shoot. The car and Bob auto-move ahead. All you need to do is to make him jump over the obstacle and fire. Bob has limited HP.

When he hits an enemy or gets shot, he will lose some HP. Bob can recover his health by collecting hearts. This game isn’t divided into levels. It seems that there is no end to this game. Bob will drive, run and shoot until he runs out of HP, and at the moment, he dies, your achievement will be set and the next time you play, try your best to pass that achievement.

Like many shooter games at friv free games, you will collect a lot of coins here. Then, you can use coins to upgrade your guns, launchers, rams, rechargers, and armor. The car is important. It protects you from losing HP. However, when your car is destroyed by enemies, you will move on foot. It’s hard to dodge lasers and attacks from enemies but try your best. This racing, shooting, and action game will keep your adrenaline to the fullest. Believe us. It won’t let you down. Have fun and don’t forget to explore other Frivland action games such as Hit Master and Unicycle Mayhem.


Space to jump, X or up arrow key to fire rockets.