Mango Piggy Piggy Hero GamePlay:

Mango Piggy Piggy Hero is similar to Angry Birds in slingshot mechanism but with a twist. It gives you both similar and different experiences. At Friv Land, your team won’t be angry birds and your opponent won’t be bad piggies. Here, you will assemble a team of 3 superheroes including Thor piggy, Iron Man piggy, and Captain America piggy. Each of them has a special ability that you can activate to kill enemies faster and more effectively.

Using the slingshot mechanism, you adjust the angle and strength to launch a superhero each time forward. You can beat your enemies just by launching your superhero but if there are many enemies and they cover themselves, you should activate the special abilities. On https://friv.land/, Thor piggy can create lightning. Captain America piggy can throw his shield and Iron Man piggy can blow enemies up. However, you have to activate those abilities at the right time to get the most effective result. Otherwise, no matter how strong those skills are, you can’t damage your enemies

There are 4 episodes and each episode has 30 levels. At the moment, only one episode is available. You can come back later to conquer new episodes. To unlock new stages, you have to kill all bad guys at the current level. You can send all members of your team to defeat them or just one or two of them. The few heroes you send to kill enemies, the more points you get.

On some levels, you also face bosses. They are harder to defeat. Then, make use of the special ability of each superhero to eliminate every single enemy, even powerful bosses. Good luck and play other choices of games such as Pet Hop and Foody Avenue.

How to play:

Mouse to launch your superheroes.

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