Cannon Hero GamePlay:

Do you want to join duel combat? Just you and another opponent? Why not? Well, Friv4school games online introduce a fun and addicting game named Cannon Hero. It’s really worth for you to give it a try. This is insanely amazing, entertaining and challenging. It has simple gameplay, easy to play but really hard to master. It’s all about time and fast reaction. Invading enemies come to the Earth aiming to dominate the world. As a legendary hero, you fight against these evils one by one.

You are alone while they are crowded. However, you just face one enemy each time, so don’t miss the chance to defeat them all on http://friv.land/. You need to aim and shoot at the right time to kill them. They stand in the higher platform while you stand above them, so you will find it hard to shoot them down. You press and hold your left mouse to target the enemy, then release to shoot. Remember that it’s a turn-based shooting game. If it’s your turn but you miss, your opponent will kill you. This means you have to start from the beginning.

Each enemy is shot down, you earn money. You use the money to unlock more character. A headshot will give you more money but it's hard to shoot in the head of your enemies. However, everything comes with a price. So practice more to perfect your skills. Can you win this battle? The fate of the world is on your hand. Good luck. Try more games similar to this one like Mr Gun and  Two Guns.

Controls: Press and hold your left mouse button to aim and release to shoot.

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