Maze Control GamePlay:

It's not easy to find your way out of the maze but that's only true for people who are walking in a maze but not those who can see the entire design of the maze. And that person is you. In Maze Control at Friv Games, you won’t play as a person who has to find the way to get out of the maze. With a top-down view, you can see the entire path of the maze and your main task is to lead the ball out of the maze. Yes, there is a ball stuck in many mazes.

In each level, you have to guide the ball to the exit to finish the current level and unlock the next one. The maze in each level is different and the higher the level, the harder the game is. Unlike other games that have the same gameplay, you won’t directly control the ball. Instead, you control the maze. The maze can be turn around and you need to take advantage of that to free the pitiful ball. The exit is marked in white.

On https://friv.land/, you have to rotate the maze to guide the ball to go through all obstacles and reach the exit. Some of the first levels are as easy as pie. The later one, the maze becomes more complicated to challenge you on a whole new level. You don’t have any help here. Your wits that show up in the way of finding a path and your ingenuity in controlling the ball are what you need to beat this game.

It’s not a game for adults. It suits kids as well. Enjoy your time here and let’s have a look at other games such as Icy Purple Head 3. Super Slide and Candy Blocks Collapse.


Use left and right arrow keys to rotate the maze.

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