Maze GamePlay:

Maze looks like legendary Pac-man but has different gameplay. Your objective in this game is simple, lead the ball to the circle’s position. The hard thing is the structure of the maze is complex, so you will find it hard to choose the right route. Don’t worry if you follow the wrong way, because you can always turn back and choose another way.

Here at http://friv.land, you should expect that the difficulty of the game increases as the game processes. The maze is more complex. There are 3 different modes for you to challenge yourself. Each has its own unique gameplay. The limited time mode may be the most challenging. You will surprise with the structure of the maze in that mode.

Make the ball meet the circle sounds so simple but actually, it’s a little bit overwhelming if you don’t determine the right way in the beginning. To beat the level, you have to observe carefully and make a perfect decision on each movement. On Friv Games play, if you choose the right route, you can successfully reach the terminal. The control mechanism of the game is simple. You just need to swipe to make the ball moving.

The ball will stop at the across wait for you to choose the next movement. If you love puzzle games, you should try this game, otherwise, you miss a great choice of game to enjoy in your spare time. Horn your skill and have more fun in other games such as Iphone X Decoration and Candy Match Saga.

How to play: Use your left click to move the ball.

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