Mighty Party: Doge Rescue GamePlay:

Mighty Party: Doge Rescue is an interesting puzzle game about drawing a protective fence to prevent a swarm of bees from stinging a poor dog. Here at https://friv.land/, you can find a lot of puzzles game but how many puzzle games with drawing gameplay you have ever played? Not many, right? So, don’t miss this amazing option. Your mission is to save the dog from the bees by drawing any shapes. You have only one chance to draw.

Once you lift your mouse or your finger, that shape is complete and the bees will come out from the hive and fly straight to the dog. If that shape can keep the dog safe for 10 seconds, the mission is clear and you can move to the next level. If the bees can go through the shape and sting the dog, you have to try again. Whether the dog can hold on for 10 seconds or not, depends on you.

Show off your drawing and problem-solving skills to save the dog in every single level in this friv games 2023. The dog is not only threatened by the bees but also by several deadly obstacles. For example hot lava, water, and so on. You should observe the surrounding before taking action. Look up, look down, look right, look left to find out what is threatening the dog's life.

4There are 40 levels and the difficulty increases as you progress. There are several solutions for a puzzle at each level. That’s why your imagination will not be limited. After conquering 40 stages, make sure you discover other fun games on our site such as Egg Car Travel and Ghost Pizza. Check it out.

Controls: Mouse.

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