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Princesses Cocktail Party is a very engrossing game at Friv.land. Elsa decided to organize a party where everyone drinks delicious cocktails. Many things have to be prepared such as decoration, dressing up and cleansing. Players find favor with Princesses Cocktail Party game of friv 3 game. Why don’t we start right now?


Princesses Cocktail Party free game is so amusing. You must clean the castle. The hall is like a mess. Garbage lies on the floor and the room is dirty. You pick up a comb, sprayer, tubes of cream, and lotion. Collect boxes, a piece of meat, broccoli, paper sheet, and banana in friv 3 game online. Use a clean vacuum to remove dust and stain on the rug. Use a broom to remove three water puddles. Use a brush to wipe out spider webs. Webs hang on the walls and sofa. Clean the table, sofa, and closet by a rag. Now the castle is clean. 


Decorate the room and choose furniture.  Pick tables, chairs, tablecloths, glasses, and flower vases. Chairs and tablecloths have many colors such as green, red, pink and various patterns such as leaves and flowers. Chandeliers have some designs on friv 3 game player. You can change the color or structure of columns. There are white columns with green leaves. Curtains have colors including red, purple, and green. The floor can be covered by yellow tiles with flowers, square orange tiles, pink tiles or purple tiles. 


Elsa will dress up for the party. You make choices to take a glamorous dress, hairstyle, necklace, earrings, cocktail glass, and high heels. Anna needs to be well dressed too. She picks a stunning dress, necklace, earrings, glass of cocktail, high heels, and haircut. All princesses and guests are ready to attend the party. 


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How to play: Use the mouse to play.


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