Mixed World GamePlay:

Mixed World is a colorful world of different creatures who have different characteristics. There is a poor creature who is blocked by the bad guys. Let’s help our lovely blue monster get out of them in this puzzle game at Friv land. Blue monster needs to defend himself against the red villains. With your help, he isn’t bullied anymore. Of course, he won’t fight back by using any weapons. He just pushes them off the platform with your help and other kind creatures around.

It’s a puzzle game, so you have to use your brain to find the best way to push the red monsters. You must have a plan. In the first few levels, it’s easy to finish your mission but later on, it’s not the same. While the red ones are pushed away, the blue one has to stay still on the platform. It means if the blue one falls, you lose.

On https://friv.land/, to make it, you should take advantage of other creatures around. At each level, they are there on purpose. Remember that and don’t let them be there without doing anything. Even when you use them, you may not use them properly. It means you may have to play one level several times to find out how to use them effectively to save the one you need to save and push the ones you need to remove. There are 30 levels and the challenging level increases as you level up.

Get ready to deal with the harder missions as you advance. Have fun and if you love to play puzzle games or other genres, let’s discover all available ones on our site. Some of the best suggestions for you are Icesters Trouble and Turn Over Master.


Left click to play.

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