Icesters Trouble GamePlay:

Everyone sometimes finds themselves in trouble, right? Our blue ice cubes are in big trouble at the moment. They climb to the ice cubes and they can’t climb down because it’s slippery. Can you help them in Icesters Trouble? At Friv Land, getting these naughty ice cubes to the ground safely is your main mission and you have to do it carefully. There are dozens of levels and you start from the first level.

Once you finish it, you can move to the next one. At first, you have to rescue 1 or 2 ice cubes but as you advance, it becomes harder to save them. You have to save several of them from different situations filled with dangers. It’s time to show off your problem-solving skills and your IQ in this challenging puzzle game.

Find out the best solution for each level and remove the ice cubes in the right order to succeed. Unlike other games on https://friv.land/, you are not limited by anything here. Time and move are unlimited, so feel free to solve the puzzle at your own pace. After the first few levels, you meet other ice cubes. Look at their colors. They are different and it means they have different behavior. For example, the red ones act like a bomb. They explore and affect other cubes.

The purple ones can exchange the behavior with the red ones and you should make use of this feature to save the blue ones. If you fail, instead of giving up, let’s try once more time and you will succeed. Enjoy this game and other games for free such as Turn Over Master and Bon Voyage


Click on each cube to remove it.

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