Monster Running GamePlay:

Monster Running is about a monster who has to reach a specific milestone at each level. You control this monster and try your best to help him reach his goal which is also your goal. At Friv games, you can find tons of games about running and jumping, and this one could be one of the most challenging options that put your skills, your patience, and your luck to a new level.

Timing is also important and you have to master each of your moves to complete each level. Even with a simple control mechanism, you find it really hard to finish a level with your first try. It means you may have to play a level several times before you can beat it. If you don’t believe it, just try. So, you do a single tap or click to make a jump and hold your mouse or tap and press to make the higher jump. Depend on what obstacles await you ahead, you have to make the right jump to pass it.

On https://friv.land/, you can easily fall. Your character will auto-run and you have to make him jump at the right moment. You have only one life on each level. When you fall or touch any enemies, your jumping journey ends there. You can jump over the enemies to save your life your jump on them to kill them. Besides reaching the specific milestone, you also have to collect at least one rainbow coin.

The normal coin is unnecessary to collect but get those coins to boost your score. Break a leg and you will have other fun adventures in some games such as ROPE NINJA .

Controls: Left mouse or tap to jump.

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