An extreme challenge is waiting for you in Rope Ninja. It tests your skills in using the rope. How well can you toss the rope to the target? Let's check it out at Friv Land. Here, you're a ninja newbie. Your master requires you to practice tossing rope to move. Your target is the birds flying in the sky. You have to make use of those birds to jump from this stone stab to that stone stab to move as far as possible.

Yes, you can consider this is an endless jumper game and your main achievement is to get the highest score. So, what do you have to do? You toss the rope toward any bird that appears on the screen and the rope will connect you to the nearest bird, then release and you can make a jump and land on another stone slab if your timing and concentration are good.

On https://friv.land/, the key to success is timing and concentration. If you toss the rope and release it at the right time, you can succeed in landing safely on any stone slabs out there. If you find yourself can't land on any stone slabs, just quickly toss the rope once or twice again as soon as you see a bird. You have only one chance each time you play. Try but not to focus on collecting dots while playing. Those dots are important but not especially necessary.

You can spend those dots when you die to respawn at the moment your life ends. Don’t let your master down and good luck to you. After practicing, let’s enjoy your time in other games such as Santa Gravity Flipper - Endless Running Game.

Instructions: Click to ross the rope.

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