Monster Rush 3D GamePlay:

Are you looking for a fun game to kill time? Then, that can be Monster Rush 3D. Yes, of course, you can find tons of such a game at friv com Games play but this is the latest addition on our site and you definitely should give it a try. It’s not a battle between you and monsters. It’s also not an endless monster-running adventure. Here, you control a monster to rush forward, collect yellow hearts to gain strength and beat a chimpanzee boss at the end of each level.

Your goal is to have enough power to punch that chimpanzee farther and make it destroy the buildings behind it. The more yellow hearts the monster collects, the stronger it is. The thing is your monster automatically runs. You can’t make it slow down or stop; therefore, that monster easily gets in trouble. You need to lead it to avoid dangerous things, especially the red items. If your monster touches those red items, it loses its life.

Here at https://friv.land/, the monster should move to the left and right accordingly to collect as many yellow hearts as possible. Once you reach the finish line and punch the chimpanzee, you win and you can move to the next level. You will earn some coins for each victory and you can use coins to unlock the other 8 animals to replace the monster. Those animals don’t have any special skills to help you during the journey at all. They are the same except for their look. That’s all.

Have a safe journey and tell us about the game that you want to play in the comment section below. Besides, here are some suggestions for you: Bomber Ghost and Glacier Dash.

Instructions: Mouse or touch.

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