Glacier Dash GamePlay:

Swim, dash and rush your way through the glacier and hunt fresh fish with a cute narwhal. Do you want to embark on an adventure in the coldest places? Welcome to Glacier Dash at friv free Games. You will have a hunting trip with a narwhal. Under the glacier is tons of dangers. Our narwhal can be hurt any time because of something like tumbling ice blocks. What you have to do is to lead the narwhal to swim around to hunt fish and avoid ice blocks.

Hunt as many fish as possible is your main objective and also the narwhal’s desire. Both the gameplay and control system of this game is simple. With a one-touch control mechanism, you can control the narwhal to move around to eat fish and avoid deadly obstacles. The number of fish that the narwhal catches is equivalent to the number of points that you will gain each play. It’s really challenging though.

Like many games out there in general and at https://friv.land/ in particular, to gain a high score, you need to be patient and stay focused because you have to keep the narwhal safe from ice blocks falling down. The narwhal can’t stay still for too long. Otherwise, it will be hit by an ice block. Your little narwhal just has one life. When it crashes into an ice block, the game is over. And you can try again to break the previous record and set a new one. With a simple control system and ẹnoyable gameplay, this is also a great option for kids. No instructions are needed to play it.

You can hold a hunting competition with your friends and find out who is the best at hunting. Have a great time with the lovely narwhal and let’s start new adventures and journeys in other fun games such as Anja and Burrito Bison Revenge.

Controls: Mouse or touch.

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