Monster Truck Driving GamePlay:

Speed and car are something always brings exciting feeling. Refer to these two factors, you may immediately think of a driving or racing game. Great! Welcome to one of the most interesting driving games at http://friv.land/ called Monster Truck Driving online. This game gives you full control of various monster trucks. You have to show off your driving skills to conquer in a total of 20 level full of challenges and fun. Are you ready for that?

Drive your way through all levels with your cool monster truck. Your objective in each level is to reach the finish line with 3 stars. These stars that you have earned are used to buy a new monster truck which is cooler and more powerful. You don’t compete against any opponents here. Your true enemies are time and race track. You have to race against the time to earn 3 stars. It’s not easy at all because you will find it hard to control your monster truck and the race tracks in the game are freaking challenging. It’s not smooth and straightforward. Keep balancing is the most important factor to reach the finish line successfully. Just one flip over, your car will explode.

You don’t want this spectacle happens, do you? Then, hold your wheel firmly and take full advantage of your driving skills and experience to win all levels. Nothing can stop you on this journey. Good luck! If you want to find more driving games, the following option is one of the best ones that you shouldn’t miss. It’s called Excite Bike and Burnout Drift

Instructions: Press X to boost, Z to brake, left arrow key to lean backward and right arrow key to lean forwards.

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