Motor Rush GamePlay:

Welcome to one of the latest motorcycle racing arcade games at friv com school. It’s called Motor Rush. With enjoyable gameplay, easy controls, and awesome 3D cartoon graphics, you will have the best gaming time here. Your main mission and goal are to reach the finish line before other racers. To make it, you have to take advantage of the speed-up ramps. Whenever you go through a speed-up ramp, you will gain speed and fly in the air.

However, the key is to land. If you fail to land after each jump, your racing journey ends there. When you fly and flip in the air, make sure you time your next move to land safely. Passing other racers is not your main target. Instead, it is to reach the finish line. When you cross the finish line, you will move to the next level. However, it's not easy to finish a level. It’s mainly because of the ramps. Sometimes, you may want to ignore some ramps and just ride your motorbike ahead peacefully.

Here at https://friv.land/, there is no checkpoint; therefore, it’s such a pity if you come near the finish line and fail. At that moment, you have to restart that level. Racing at a high speed brings you joy and excitement but just like in the real world, once you crash into any obstacles, you will tumble and lose. You don’t want to enjoy your journey at each level too soon, do you?

So, be careful and you can stop whatever you want. You don’t have to clear a level within a given time like many games out there. Break a leg and enjoy more fun games such as Traffic Run Nature and Drive Mad

Controls: Hold your left mouse to speed up and drag to dodge the obstacles.

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