UFO Rush GamePlay:

Have you ever seen a spaceship before? In UFO Rush, you play as an alien with an aim of traveling around and invading the earth of friv online Games. Take part in the exciting adventure in a UFO and experience the life of an alien in UFO Rush one player game.

UFO Rush is an awesome game in which you are able to play for free with no registration! There is a beautiful world with a variety of flora and fauna. In this new addictive game, you are a person who comes from another planet and visits this peaceful earth with the purpose of occupying it. The main mission of this game is to control the UFO spaceship safely when abducting the humans on the ground.

To be the master of this galaxy, you have to kidnap as many people as possible and bring them to the goal of game friv online completely. It seems to be simple but not easy because a large number of obstacles are waiting for you. You'll face dangerous challenges including earthlings who try their best to defend their territory.

Just move the ship up and down to avoid the traps and collect targets to earn points. There are so many trees on the ground with the thick density. Remember to avoid all of them because your spaceship will be broken when crashing into these deadly traps. Besides, the meteors and rocks flying from the sky are also your enemies at kids friv. Don’t let these harmful things touch you or your UFO will be destroyed.

Then, abducting the human beings to gain scores. You have to just simply control the ship up and hover over them, an awesome green beam will suck them up into your ship for extra points. You can purchase different upgrades for your UFO with these amounts of money. Moreover, you can also improve the level of your spaceship to boost its efficiency.
We prepare you 60 challenging missions with nice reward, 18 unlockable achievements, 6 nice power-ups, 4 different UFOs, 9 game phases with increasing difficulty and different enemies and obstacles for you to discover. Do your best to come over all of them.

Don’t wait anymore, play and share the game with your relatives to have fun together. Rate the game to show for emotions and try out other similar games such as Diamond Rush, Candy Rush Game at http://friv.land/ the best online Games.

How to play:

  • Use W or up arrow to ascend and S or down arrow to descend.
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