Mr Spy: Soccer Killer GamePlay:

Mr Spy: Soccer Killer has a great combination of puzzle and soccer gameplay where you have only one goal and one mission. Can you guess? Well, it’s not about scoring as many goals as you can but defeating enemies with your soccer skills. Here at https://friv.land/, each level requires you to defeat a certain number of enemies with only one ball. You have to aim and shoot accurately to make the ball take down the first enemy, then bounce off and take down the second one, even the third one.

As soon as all enemies are taken down, the mission is clear. Make sure you shoot the ball at the right angle. Otherwise, you fail to kill enemies. Keep in mind that you have only one ball at each level. If you fail, the only way to keep going is to restart that level. Use your skills and brain to shoot the ball.

Like other level-based games that you may have played at friv land, the difficulty varies from the first level to the final one. As you advance, obstacles will appear to stop you from clearing the mission successfully. You have to think about the solution so that you can make the ball pass those obstacles and reach the target.

You also need a little bit of luck besides your skills. As an experienced spy, you can use everything that comes to hand to defeat enemies, can’t you? Try your best to clear all levels and start exploring other choices of fun games such as Santa Basket and Ski Jump 2022. And do you know what? A few games will be added to our site every day. So, don’t miss any chances to be the first to play them.

Instructions: Mouse.