Mr Stickman GamePlay:

Mr Stickman is simply a puzzle game with shooting gameplay where you have to aim and shoot at all enemies to kill them within a certain number of bullets. You may have played several options that have the same gameplay at friv Games friv. However, this one is still world spending time to play. As a special agent, you have to eliminate your targets in 50 levels by any means.

At the top of your screen on the left side, you can see how many bullets you have. By completing the level only using the gold bullets, you will get three stars. Getting three stars is a fun achievement and it adds more challenging flavor to the gameplay. Even though you don’t need stars to unlock the next level, you should try your best to reach that achievement.

On https://friv.land/ sometimes, you can’t directly aim and shoot at the targets. Then, keep in mind that bullets are bouncy. You can make use of this feature to your advantage. It means you can shoot at the wall, platform, or any objects around with a perfect angle to make it ricochet and hit your targets. Besides one shot can kill more than one enemy. No matter what part of the enemy's body you shoot, they all die.

On some levels, you can shoot at the box or some objects to make it drop and crush enemies. There are so many ways to kill enemies. The problem is that you have to choose the best one in each situation. You have never failed any mission before, so let's repeat history here. After clearing all 50 levels, let’s check out other games such as Super Stickman Duelist and Stickman Gun Battle Simulator.

Instructions: Press and hold your left mouse to aim, release to shoot.

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