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IO game always attracts many players due to its interesting and competitive gameplay. Everyone can play but not everyone can win. Welcome to a new arena filled with real players from all over the world. Paper-io.site tense combat in which all players fight for the crown and territory. At free online friv Games , your reign may end as soon as you take the throne because anyone can kill you and take your crown. You control a small block and compete against other players with the aim of occupying a large area in the game board. When moving, you leave a trail behind. You must connect this line to your existing territory to spread your zone. You can steal your enemy’s zone and kill them by across their tail. Remember that they can do the same thing to you. To keep your life safe and own as much of the board as possible, you should occupy a small zone each time.

On friv school Games to play, don’t put much effort into killing your enemies but pay attention to expand your territory and avoid being killed. Besides, don’t so excited when you get a crown because other players can take it away from you right away. The winning is depended on how much territory you took but not how many players you killed. So, even you enter a started match and you are at the bottom of the leaderboard, you also have a chance to raise your level over time. Put a cool name on the username field and start the match full of fun and excitement. After several matches, you may want to refresh your mind with other options, then SnakeBlock .io and Paper .io 2  are the best choices to jump in.

Controls: Move around by using your mouse.

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