SnakeBlock .io GamePlay:

Inspired by famous Slither.io, SnakeBlock .io will give you the same gameplay but a different gaming experience. Eat, grow and defeat your opponents to become the king of the battlefield in this awesome multiplayer online IO game. The rule is simple, isn’t it? Here at free friv Games, you play as a small snake.

To face against other players, you collect as many colorful food circles scattered around the map as possible to increase your length. Besides, let’s break blocks to charge your boost bar then you can speed up to escape from the dangerous situations like a snake are trying to kill you. Your goal is to make the snake as big as you and conquer other snakes and dominate the leaderboard on http://friv.land.

You can use your speed boost to kill other players by making them bump their head into your body. Or you can use your body to trap them by moving around them to create a circle and tighten up to kill them. After death, they will leave food on the field. So, do not miss a chance to absorb their leftovers to increase your length and score. Your enemies also can apply the same strategy to defeat you, so be careful and try to dodge them skillfully.

You should keep in mind that, as you become longer, your boost bar is harder to charge. With the same gameplay but different experience as well as the new graphics and some fresh elements, this game is one of the best choices you shouldn’t miss besides these following options Knifez .io and Beetles .io .

Instructions: Use the mouse to move and left click to speed up.

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