Draw Defense GamePlay:

Draw Defense is a fun and refreshing tower defense game that differs from other choices of the same genre that you have ever played at Friv Games. Why? There are some reasons for that. First of all, you won’t place the towers along the way to kill upcoming enemies. Secondly, there is no available army to buy. Finally, you draw to summon your defending army. It sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Well, in this game, you have to learn and remember some ways to summon different types of the army. You draw a vertical line to summon knights, draw a horizontal line to summon archers, draw an arc to summon the giants. To summon meteors, you draw a circle. To defeat enemies with a strong ranger army, you draw a circumflex and pull enemies into a huge tornado by draw a tornado. However, it’s not free to summon someone.

You have 100% ink. This plays as mana that you use to draw. It takes time to refill. So on https://friv.land/, make sure you do not call many forces at the same time. Just one by one until the existing force could no longer hold it. With each winning match, you earn coins and you can use coins to upgrade your solders, ink, and castle. Upgrading is important so don’t forget to upgrade 3 stats when it’s possible. Enemies also attack you hard.

Besides, they become stronger as you advance. Then, keep upgrading and make use of your skills well to teach your enemies a lesson, so they never dare to against you. Good luck and have fun! Check out the following options to have more choices to play in your free time: Pixelkenstein Merry Merry Christmas and Krismas Tiles.


Use your left mouse to draw.

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