Pen Run GamePlay:

Pen Run is not a racing game but will bring you the thrill of speed just like what you got in the races. You don’t control a hot car to reach the finish line but a pen. This game tests your drawing skills and your finesse as you have to guide the pen to the finish line while the ink is still there.

Your track is the dotted path. You must always stick on your path to draw a perfect line. Simple but challenging, you will have a lot of fun at Frivland game. It isn’t simple to master at all because your pen must slide through a large platform full of obstacles. You must avoid them, otherwise, your pen will fall down. These obstacles are book, ruler, eraser and more. Besides these obstacles, you have another dangerous enemy which is your amount of ink. You can run out of ink, so you must try to collect some of the ink jars on the side of the path to fill yourself. Even if you have to leave your path, it’s ok.

You just need to finish your path with 1 star to unlock the next level. Grab some ink jars in time or you will dry out too soon without finishing the line. The game offers various levels to keep you entertained for hours. Try your best to conquer every level with 3 stars. Simple to play but hard to master. Let’s see how good you are. Visit http://friv.land/ and discover a huge collection of games but let’s try Flappy Shooter and Physics Drop first.

Instructions: Use your mouse to control your pen.

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